The Joy of Liberalism

Posted on February 22, 2013 7:00 pm

[High Praise! to Gunslinger’s Journal]

The real joy of being a leftist is grinding other people under their bootheel. Subjugating other people to their will. Coercion. Bullying. Hurting. That’s what gets your average, run-of-the-mill leftist up in the morning.

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10 Responses to “The Joy of Liberalism”

  1. zzyzx says:

    Yes…all of the above plus, whining and sniveling, absolutely no one on the planet whines and snivels as expertly as a liberal.

  2. Zaklog the Great says:

    Unfortunately, not true. They genuinely think they’re fixing things. They would be less dangerous if it were simple cruelty. Like Lewis says, the worst tyranny is that exercised “for the good” of its subjects. If someone is cruel or greedy, they will eventually be satisfied, but if they think they’re doing good, they will continue forever with a clear conscience.

  3. Oppo says:

    Obama’s Bully Pulpit is both.

  4. Rockin' John says:

    Zaklog! FTW!


  5. Oppo says:

    … and Obama’s damned Bully Pulpit is all three.

  6. Son of Bob says:

    The real joy of being a leftist is your own misguided feelings that you are superior in every way to everyone around you, and that they’re lucky to have you making decisions for them.

  7. seanmahair says:

    You forgot the hating and degrading of anything remotely spiritual.

  8. CarolyntheMommy says:

    I thought most leftists slept in until noon, then walked to Starbucks while complaining to a friend via iphone about capitalism and how they can’t afford to buy things without government help.

  9. 4of7 says:

    More bacon for Gunslinger!

  10. seanamahair says:

    Wickedness never was happiness.

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