The Mystery of Donna Brazile’s Skyrocketing Health Care Premiums

So Donna Brazile tweeted how she just got off the phone with her health care provider trying to figure out why her premiums went up. What in the world could have changed about health care to cause premiums to skyrocket? Was there maybe some law passed that put greater burdens on health care providers? Maybe a law Donna Brazile herself enthusiastically campaigned for?

I dunno. This is a huge mystery. Maybe we need to call in Sherlock Holmes (the good one from the modern series set in London — not the modern series in New York). And while he’s trying to solve that mystery, maybe he could look into the mystery of the disappearing jobs. Maybe it’s related somehow. Could someone be messing with both health care and the economy? But who?

Hmm. So who murdered Donna Brazile’s good health care rates? The thing with murder, is its usually done by someone you know. The culprit, Donna, is probably someone you are close to and thought was a friend.

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  1. Someone there said: “I’m assuming she isn’t stupid.”
    That’s almost as dumb as her comment.

    My insurance went up too and I was surprised it didn’t go up more, now it’s only $6051/year.

    That’s only 10 cups of coffee a day!


  2. Gee – another Brazile mystery:

    Obama Sends 1,400 Manufacturing Jobs & Sensitive Technology to Brazil
    Gateway Pundit ^ | February 28, 2013 | Jim Hoft

    Yesterday, after a conflict-fraught deliberation process, the Obama Administration awarded the Light Air Support (LAS) contract to Brazilian-based Embraer over Beechcraft . . .



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