The Quintessence of Obama’s Presidency

Posted on February 19, 2013 7:00 pm

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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6 Responses to “The Quintessence of Obama’s Presidency”

  1. Son of Bob says:

    It’s okay, the current crop of Republicans will defend us. They’ve got a plan to win back the presidency in 2016: They’ll offer half a cell phone.

  2. Carpenter says:

    The Quintessence of Obama’s Presidency, what it boils down to is the VOICES!
    The voices in his head are guiding thee Obama. Joseph Stalin is whispering in one ear and Karl Marx is whispering in the other.

  3. Jimmy says:

    A house divided against itself is a war zone.

  4. Oppo says:

    Obama as Jefferson (or, Elightenment in the Loafers):
    “… we mutually pledge to each outher our lies, our four chooms, and our St. Croix dinners.”

    Obama as Lincoln (or, the Grade-D Mancipator):
    “…to ensure that governing of the people, buying the people, and forcing the people, shall not perish from this earth.”

  5. Oppo says:

    Jefferson: Rights philosophy
    Obama: Wright’s philosophy

    Lincoln: Protecting the Union
    Obama: protecting the union

    Jefferson: Nickel
    Obama:…& Dime

    Lincoln: Penny
    Obama: …Auntie

    Jefferson: Nickel

    Lincoln: Penny
    Obama: …Loafer

  6. seanmahair says:

    That’s our presy-daddy. Keepen it real keepen it classy.

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