The Terrible Consequences of Sleep-Texting

A new report says that teens are increasingly “sleep texting” – texting while semi-conscious & having no memory of it later.

Now you know how the Obamacare bill got written.

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  1. “Sleep texting” by itself is called “slepting.” The Germans call it “schlaffengetextungen.”

    But “Sleep texting” combined with “sexting” would be “slexting.”

    I think we have a handle on this now.


  2. Perhaps they took Ambien and are driving – which, according to the commercials, they will not remember – and they are just texting out of habit because they are behind the wheel.


  3. OMG! Obama has to do something about this.
    A Tax perhaps. Yes that’s it. A new Tax on the people who produce these horrible devices that endanger the lives of these poor innocent Sleep Texters.

    We need a multi-million dollar study and then a Government takeover of the Texting Industry. 1 penny per letter oughta cover it.



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