The Unassailable Logic of Gun Control

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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  1. does this mean that the “legally elected” President of Mexico (who was actually born in Mexico) will be smuggling guns into the USA?

    If so can I please get a couple Big Tex Cowboy Replica Cap Guns? And get me some extra caps too. We like to play “Cowboys and Communists” here at the Carpenter Ranch.


  2. @12: Hippie punchomatic 5000’s aren’t in stores yet (of course not: who Woodstock them?).

    What’s their length — can you buy them by the stinkin’ feet? Hopefully, they’re only a few bucks a peace. Buy low, sell totally high — weed be crazy not to. And if they dropout of a truck, that’s a total write-off. Do they run on kindling? That would be one way to stick it to the man.

    Can you put them on layabout?


  3. Oppo, there was a discussion once regarding the nature of the “Hippie Punchomatic 5000.”

    Some said it was a firearm and even though we don’t see it very often, it does make it’s rounds.

    Some claimed it was a robot with an autopilot, which might explain why it never pulls its punches.

    Others have said it was one of Frank’s mysterious computer algorithms, which might explain the high version number.

    Nah. I made all that up. I blame the Scotch.



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