Things Named After Obama: A Parasitical Worm

[High Praise! to Oppo]

Paragordius Obamai

Hair­worms are unique par­a­sites often encoun­tered by the pub­lic. Hair­worms infect crick­ets and grow within their host’s body cav­ity to lengths of 15-30 cen­time­ters. Infected crick­ets often invade homes and release worms into toi­lets, hot tubs, pet water bowls and fish tanks, unduly alarm­ing the pub­lic since hair­worms are not par­a­sites of humans.

When hair­worms com­plete their devel­op­ment, they manip­u­late the cricket’s behav­ior forc­ing them to com­mit sui­cide by jump­ing into water.

Maybe they should’ve named it after Ted Kennedy.

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  1. ‘A parasitical worm, who invades his host and manipulates its behavior, forcing it to commit suicide.’ I’d say that that is a most apt definition of Obama and quite possibly prophetic.


  2. “Recently, a new species of hair­worm was dis­cov­ered from the Lake Vic­to­ria region of Kenya, Africa. The new species was named Paragordius oba­mai, in honor of Pres­i­dent Barack Obama,”

    It just seems right that a parasite should be named after him…



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