This Argument Would Be More Effective If Liberals Thought Stealing Was Wrong

[High Praise! to Laughing Conservative and Weasel Zippers]

“The illegals say there needs to be a path to citizenship. There is a path to citizenship. They may not like it but it is there.

There is a path to car ownership. You go out and buy one or work out a deal to finance one and make your payments. Some may not like that pathway so they go out and steal one. That is illegal. Just like coming here and not choosing the pathway that has been set forth. If you don’t like it, stay in the country you are presently in.”

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  1. It is no different than a Bank Robber giving the goods to his kid and the kid expecting to be able to keep the money. Hint: It’s STOLEN! You don’t get to keep it…and the same with anchor babies!


  2. Nope. This is not true; it is in fact illegal for almost everyone, with only rare exceptions, to immigrate to this country. That applies to probably 90% of illegal immigrants, for whom immigration is in fact illegal period.


  3. I am a LEGAL immigrant, if there is to be this general amnesty, I want my money back I invested into becoming a LEGAL immigrant (Living in USA since 1996). Not because I regret spending the money to come to the USA, that was worth every penny, but because according to O Hussain we’re all supposed to pay our fair share, right? And if that fair share is nothing, I want my share back, to be fair..! Indeed, the legal pathway is hard and a lot of work & money, but if it isn’e worth the hard work to you, you don’t deserve it.
    @Jonatahn: that sounds like bologne cut so thin I can see through it: 90% of the illegals is illegal?? Too funny, that’ll blow any mathematicians mind! I know, I went through the whole dang tedious process..
    @ Son of Bob: it is an AWESOME PRIVILAGE indeed. I didn’t come to the USA for opportunity, I had a good life making a fat 6 figures back where I came from, and there I had all the worldly goodies I ever wanted.. but I fell in love with an American woman.. that’s why I came to the USA.. And I am still in the USA because while living here, I came to realize that the USA is indeed the VERY BEST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. And to those who disagree that the USA is the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD: go away to the country that you think is better than the USA.. more room for me!
    And as far as the car-stealing analogy: If the guy who stole the car gets caught, doesn’t mean his kid who was with him at the time he stole the car gets to keep the car.


  4. @4. Invader: “If the guy who stole the car gets caught, doesn’t mean his kid who was with him at the time he stole the car gets to keep the car.”

    Good point !!!

    Also… If the guy who stole the car gets caught and says, “Well, I’ve had the car for so long and used it so much and I really depend on it , so now it should just be mine”, it shouldn’t mean HE gets to keep the car. Who will go through the trouble of buying a car if they are allowed to be given one which they stole? What sort of people will we have driving most cars throughout this country??

    ‘Glad to have you as an American !


  5. Truth is stranger than fiction:

    “US Ruling May Hurt Dreamers’ License Case
    [Arizona Daily Star ^ | Howard Fischer | Capital Media Services 2/11/13]

    PHOENIX – A federal judge has blocked illegal immigrants in the new “deferred action” program from arguing in court that they are being “irreparably harmed” by the refusal of Gov. Jan Brewer to let them have Arizona driver’s licenses.

    Judge David Campbell agreed to a request by the attorneys for the five individual plaintiffs in the lawsuit that they should not be questioned about how they obtained work or are driving. He said that issue is irrelevant to their legal claims that they are being denied equal rights, or that the directive issued by the governor denying them licenses is preempted by federal law.

    But Campbell said challengers cannot have it both ways.

    “Plaintiffs will not be permitted to argue that they were forced to drive or work illegally and that they are irreparably harmed by the inability to work or drive illegally,” the judge wrote. He said if information on how they were able to drive and get to work is off-limits to the governor, then the plaintiffs themselves cannot use it for their own legal purposes.

    The ruling is significant because one key in the lawsuit filed late last year by the challengers is that the governor’s order “severely frustrates their ability to obtain employment and achieve economic self-sufficiency.” That could undermine their bid to persuade Campbell at a hearing scheduled for next month to immediately block the governor’s directive and to order the state to start issuing licenses to those affected.



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