Too Many Polar Bears

Posted on February 6, 2013 1:00 pm

So global warming is killing off the polar bears, melting all the ice they like to stand on and look all majestic, right?

Not so much.

All the efforts to save the polar bears over the last forty years has caused the population to explode. Now there are areas in Canada basically overrun with them. Kids on Halloween can’t wear ghost costumes because there are guys with guns roaming around shooting any large white things.

So thanks, environmentalists, you saved THE GIANT KILLING MACHINES!

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10 Responses to “Too Many Polar Bears”

  1. AwesometificAmerican says:

    Same thing happened to the Alligator. They used to be on the endangered species list so people stopped hunting them. Well when you have no natural predators and can lay dozens of eggs guess what happens? Alligators in the swimming pool. So now to keep them from over populating and killing off all the other endangered critters they like to eat we hunt them. Environmentalist are the masters of unintended consequences.

  2. CTCompromise says:

    The story in the link is REALLY good if you insert the word “Liberals” everytime the author refers to polar bears !

  3. Zaklog the Great says:

    “There are guys with guns roaming around shooting any large white things.”

    I guess Michael Moore shouldn’t go back to Canada anytime soon. #CheapShot

  4. hwuu says:

    They make adorable pets, but you have to have them declawed.

  5. CarolyntheMommy says:

    Awesometific, if you’re hunting alligators I have one thing to say: Boots for CtM

  6. Rayfan87 says:

    Hmm, I might have to see about bagging me a polar bear. Anybody know if a 150 gr .30-06 Springfield would do the job?

  7. NoMoBama says:

    I seem to remember a video of an Irish sounding guy telling AL Bore that the polar bear population was increasing and of course Al argued.

    Well what do you know, I was right: Phelim McAleer was his name. about 1:40 in

  8. Writer says:

    They have more than doubled, and endanger the seal population.

    They also know that humans are relatively slow.

    BTW-Have you seen what the Beaver explosion is doing to wetlands?

  9. TiminAL says:

    @8 – Exploding Beavers? Oh myyyyyyy……

  10. CTCompromise says:

    @8. Writer: I am going to have to call you out…”Beaver explosion” and “wetlands” in the same sentance is SEXIST. You are going to have to go through sensitivity training by order of Obama Administration Recess Order #2,094,367.

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