What If One Day We Get a Bad President?

It’s great all the power Obama has to take people out with drone strikes and what not, but isn’t Obama setting a lot of precedents that would be really bad if we one day get a bad president? I explore this horrible possibility in my new PJ Media column.

But just imagine if that power wound up in the hands of a president like George W. Bush. He’d probably blow up people with the drone all day, thinking he was playing a video game (“I’m gettin’ me a high score!”). Or worse yet, think of handing Dick Cheney that power. He’d most likely declare a unilateral war on kittens and puppies, blowing them up from the sky and then collecting the tears of children for some evil Halliburton project.

Enjoy and learn.

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  1. if one day we got a bad president, i could live with it. it is this 365 days per year four years at a time crap that is grinding me down.


  2. What If One Day We Get a Bad Country? That what the problem is today.

    The United States of America has been replaced by a Bad Country, ran by a Bad Communist Dictator who urinates on the US Constitution. And Obama isn’t even the legally elected President of the United States. He is a criminal.

    Drone strikes should have happened a long time ago!


  3. “Furthermore, there is Obama’s position on compromise. Now, we all agree that it’s absolutely ridiculous that Obama has to yield at all to those mindless Republican thugs who somehow hold a majority in Congress. Obama is a brilliant man, so why should he compromise to the ideals of those so far beneath him?”

    Any Constitutional Law Proffesor would tell you that the problem stems from that pesky document. Someone as brilliant as Obama should be able to re-write it. Even Thomas Jefferson had to remove several passages of his original draft, and surely, Obama is as smart..if not smarter than..a slave owner. (I had to get the race card in there!)



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