Wisdom of the Day: Pickup FBI Incompetence Bloomberg Birds

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  1. Speaking of incompetence, my son has an automatic feeder for his cat that dispenses an exact amount of food every 12 hours. That way, he can be away during her meal times and not have to worry about her (son is an Army chopper pilot).

    Anyway, this cat plants herself in front of that machine THREE HOURS before it goes off.

    And waits… and waits… and waits. And she starts complaining to anyone who will listen.

    Obviously, the cat can’t tell time.

    But I sympathize, however, because waiting for Obama to leave office is a little like that, I think. Is it 2016 yet?


  2. Wanna know what the best pickup line in the world is? “I’m Mr.T” Careful though, there’s not too many people who can pull it off.

    Especially if your name is Xavier.

    Or Aloysius.

    Which happened to be Mr.T’s first and middle names-before he changed it to George.

    No wonder he seems angry. You’d try to act the hard guy all the time if your name was Xavier.



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