With Liberals, Fault Is Always External

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, David Axelrod attributed Chicago’s murder rate to the lack of gun-control laws in “surrounding areas”.

Sure, and Michael Moore is fat because his friends are dieting.

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  1. Chicago’s murder rate can be directly attributed to the ideology promoted in that area.

    When there is no hope and you have nothingness or Hell awaiting you, when the almighty State promises to give you everything (for a vote) then fails in that promise, when you are told that you are the victim of whitey racist discrimination from the day you were able to say maw maw….

    when your entire life adds up to you’re being a tool of the Devils’ Marxist machine, killing people seems justified. I meaqn at that poing what do you have to lose?


  2. As I posted in another blog: If the reason the gun violence rates in places like Chicago and DC are because of the availability of guns in surrounding areas, why aren’t those surrounding areas as violent, if not MORE violent than Chicago and DC? If the DC gun laws are keeping violent crime rates there down to Beirut levels, why aren’t Fairfax, VA or Silver Springs, MD free-fire war zones? It’s the guns causing the violence, right?
    The argument that less dradonian laws in surrounding areas are the reason for increased violence in cities with draconian laws is a complete non sequitor.



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