Women Shooting Rapists Would Devastate the Democrat Party

Posted on February 19, 2013 11:00 am

From the way liberals talk about guns, I get the feeling they’d be very dangerous with them.

“You can’t give guns to women! They’ll think everyone is rapist and start shooting everyone!”

And really, why does a woman need a logical form of self-defense when she has call boxes at some unknown distance and whistles?

Another thing about this idiot in Colorado: Notice how he talks about what he thinks will happen when women have guns… when women already have guns in something like forty states!

I know I’ve said this a number of times, but I guess I’ll just have to keep saying it: With right to carry in forty states, don’t talk about what you think will happen if people have guns — give actual examples. If you can’t find an example of your wild-eyed scenario, maybe that’s a good indication you have no idea how human behavior works and should just stop giving opinions on politics entirely.

But it’s understandable Democrats don’t want women to have guns to defend against rapists; think about what would have happened to the Democrat Party if that were widespread. Bill Clinton would have never been president and the Kennedy clan would pretty much have been wiped out.

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23 Responses to “Women Shooting Rapists Would Devastate the Democrat Party”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Not only do Democrats like rape, they particularly like 3rd-trimester, life-threatening abortion murders. But at the top of their list is when the aborted baby lives and gets chucked in a dumpster out back.

  2. DamnCat says:

    “Women get so unreasonable when they are about to be raped.”
    – Typical Democrat Politician –

  3. Ernie Loco says:

    As has been pointed out on other sites, what’s the total number of incidents in the past year where a woman thought she was going to be raped and shot some innocent person by mistake? How about in the last 5 years?

    I’d say the odds of winning the powerball jackpot are high than the odds of that happening.

  4. Son of Bob says:

    It’s so hard for women to tell when they’re being raped.

  5. Dodsfall says:

    Call boxes. Sounds like a missing page from Obama’s “Julia” campaign ad.

  6. Eric says:

    As a new dad, I’m glad that my daughters application for a birthcirtificate says, “Congratulations on your new Texan.”

  7. Carpenter says:

    teenage boys shooting their molesters would also devastate the Demo-Communists.

  8. Crabby Old Bat says:

    “You can’t give guns to women! They’ll think everyone is [a] rapist . . .!”

    Democrat women already DO think everyone is a rapist. Disagree with a woman? Rapist! Question feminism? Rapist! Favor any tiny restriction on abortion-on-demand up to (and maybe three days past) full gestation? Fascist neo-Nazi patriarchal oppressor rapist!!1!1!

  9. Crabby Old Bat says:

    teenage boys shooting their molesters would also devastate the Demo-Communists.

    Not to mention Youth Ministries, the priesthood, choir masters, amatuer sports coaches, children’s mentoring programs, after-school program volunteers, scouting programs, etc. Not that I have a problem with that. Sometimes ya gotta thin the herd.

  10. Vaktatunnen says:

    Keep an eye on this fellow Salazar. Any guy who projects so much on his rape fantasies needs to be watched v-e-r-y closely.

  11. Marc says:

    “It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles” I like the “safe zone”, sounds like kids playing on the school yard, “I’m in the safe zone, you can’t get me.” I’m sure that works with rapists.

    The University of Colorado’s tips for women under attack is pathetic. “passive resistance may be your best defense”…just lay there and let them do it….I think your best defense is a double-tap to center of mass…repeat as needed.

    Past democrat statement “you can’t give the vote to women! They might elect a Republican!”

  12. Marc says:

    Another thought…maybe they are concerned that if women are able to shoot rapists Bill Clinton won’t be around long enough to try and hustle cash for the next election season.

  13. CTCompromise says:

    …..So, they would rather protect the rapist than the intended victim?

  14. Apostic says:

    “Callboxes… save zones… whistles… prisons… union workhouses….” Ebenezer Salazar’s #LiberalTips2AvoidRape

  15. Carpenter says:

    The reason that Liberals “subconsciously” defend Rapists and child Molesters is that VICTIMS usually end up voting for Liberals. It’s just a fact. Victims of racism, discrimination, child abuse, ect.. turn to the Liberals for answers.

    Liberalism depends on victims. Liberalism needs victims to survive. Without Victims there is no need for Liberalism. That is why the American Liberals like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have manufactured Victims. In fact they make a damned good living creating Victims out of thin air.

    fewer Rapists = fewer Victims
    fewer Victims = fewer Liberals elected

    No Rapes = No Victims
    No Victims = No Liberals elected

    Liberalism actually needs rape, murder, child molestation and drug abuse to survive. In fact their policies encourage criminal behavior.

  16. Matt Musson says:

    That would sure spell the end of the Kennedy clan.

  17. zzyzx says:

    Libtard logic: Ladies, puke or pee on your rapist…gooood. Shoot him…baaaad.

  18. Oppo says:

    They’re misogeniusts!

  19. Oppo says:

    So they’re OK with women getting raped, pillaged, drone-striked, demeaned for running for office, and sent forward to attack enemy tanks, but it’s Republicans who waged a war on women?

  20. CTCompromise says:

    Experts know-and have said for years that rape is not about sex…It is about power.

    -Rapists in search of random victims are almost always looking for “vulnerable targets” whom they believe they can overpower and control.
    -A person carrying a gun very rarely projects that image.
    -I believe with all my heart that if rape happened to MEN more often, (and as randomly), it would be treated like the violent crime it is. Instead, it has always been treated by all of the privileged male lawmakers, who if they were honest, would have to say that they pushed the limits of rape …at LEAST once, as if it was just some guy with raging hormones who needed to “get laid”..or a date “gone wrong”. Rape is not a Frat. brother taking advantage of the girl who passed out at the party (as reprehensible as that is). These are VIOLENT criminals. They need to be dealt with as such.
    -I doubt this idiot, Salazar, would want to rely on a whistle if his home was invaded.

  21. seanmahair says:

    In the last month black men have made the most amazing statements concerning women. If I were a feminist I’d be seriously worried about the state of respect for women in this country. Seems we’re not smart enough or stable enough to have gun to protect ourselves but we are useful as targets for our enemies on the battle field. The islamic prejudice against women is not just a muslim phenomena anymore it would seem.

  22. seanmahair says:

    So we should “Whistle while we’re raped”? (sung to the tune of “Whistle while you work”) I know it was awful and offensive but it’s also really funny. Heard this on the radio the other day and as a woman and someone who “should” be offended, I think it points up the ridiculousness of his point.

  23. IMAO » Blog Archive » Rape Is a Small Price to Pay for an Unarmed Society links:

    […] love to give women advice on why they’re better getting raped than having a gun. First we had that one guy saying, “Oh, if we gave you a gun, you’d silly girls would just shoot random people […]

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