Wonder What’ll Be on the iPod He Gives to Bibi?

Obama is planning a trip to Israel next month – the first time in his Presidency.

Kinda boggles the mind: Obama visiting the Middle East without bowing.

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  1. 1. Shot down in flames by AC-DC
    2. I’m on the Highway to hell by AC-DC
    3. Running with the Devil by Van Halen

    and Obama’s favorite song
    4. To Hell And Back by Venom

    “Arm in arm with Lucifer,
    Belial on my back
    I have swam the lake of flames,
    walked forbidden tracks
    To Hell and back…” Venom


  2. 1) The Collected Speeches of George Lincoln Rockwell
    2) The Horst Wessel Song
    3) The Greatest Hits of The German Army Chorus
    4) Dick Dale’s Hava Nagila
    5) Assorted commercials from Kingston Charcoal and Jimmy Dean Pure Pork Sausage
    6) The Speeches of Ayatollah Khomeni
    7) The audiobook of Mein Kampf


  3. 8) The Comedy Stylings of Mumia Abdul Jamal
    9)The Chris Dorner Manifesto as read by Cornell West
    10)Blood & Honour–Skrewdriver
    11)Blowfly’s Greatest Hits
    12)The Collected Sermons of Reverend Wright


  4. New Messiah, by Edguy, a German prog-metal band. That’s all that comes to mind. It is, however, apt.

    I seriously detest BHO. It’s hard to insert levity into this frightful mess.


  5. “the road to hell” by chris rhea

    “golden filth” by the fuggs

    “dead skunk in the middle of the road” Loudon Wainwright III



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