Yeah, But at Least California Would Be Mexico’s Problem

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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  1. A Brit told me (via e-mail on a blog site) last week that we are all fools if we think an unorganized bunch of “militiamen” could stop our government from taking our guns and our liberties.

    I told him he needed to check out his own history. And I don’t take a knee to the Queen!

    He didn’t get it!


  2. “A Brit told me . . . that we are all fools if we think an unorganized bunch of “militiamen” could stop our government from taking our guns and our liberties.”

    Wow, that Brit is a walking, breathing set-up line!


  3. In the not so distant past reading the interpretation of the Revolutionary War in the Encyclopedia Brittanica was a very surreal experience. According to them (they’re British you know) we were all traitors who attacked and threw out the legal government here for no reason but greed and avarice. We should have been happy to be a part of the Empire and eventually we would have gotten representation.

    I always look to Britain’s handling of the “Irish” problem when confronted with this kind of thinking. It was centuries before the Irish got representation. This of course was after the British took away every right given to man from his creator. The Irish couldn’t hold office, couldn’t own a business, couldn’t own land and were displaced from their tenant farming so the English could raise sheep. They were starved, beaten and denied access to any succor. Then more than 1 million were forced to emigrate to Canada and the US. Many were so sick they died in route. All in all Ireland lost 1/4 of it’s people and that was just during the famine (while ships loaded with grain left Dublin harbor on route to Europe and England).

    So if you think the government can’t hurt you or if you think they won’t try to control you and what you do, you are a fool. This is history and it has not so far been rewritten. If we don’t stand together, as Ben Franklin said, we shall surely hang separately. We have a king or someone who thinks they’re king no matter what he says. Just look at his actions and those of his closest advisors and family. Even the British monarchy doesn’t behave like this. But then again they know they are where they are by the largess of the people and so they at least try not to appear like oafs and ingrates.



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