Nothing I Can Say Would Add to the Truth of These 8 Words

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“Gun Control – what you do instead of something.”

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Or If You Want to Go Mass-Murder Innocent People…

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Join other citizens as you report and find Gun Free Zones throughout the United States. Whether you want to shop in gun free zones as often as possible or avoid them altogether, this app will help you shop, play, and do business with like-minded people.

So… any chance this abominable app will get the blame for the next shooting in a gun free zone?

UPDATE: I overreacted a bit with this post, and I apologize to the app’s creator in the comments.

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Abby… Someone

Researchers now say they’re are able to grow some human organs in the lab.

Bet Biden’s praying they learn how to cook up brains before 2016.

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Wait… What???

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Link of the Day: Citing Exhaustion, Kim Jong-un to Stop Threatening World on Weekends

[High Praise! to The Borowitz Report and Anonymiss of Nuking Politics]

Citing Exhaustion, Kim Jong-un to Stop Threatening World on Weekends

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Wisdom of the Day: Jong-Un Haircuts Beans Bugles

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We Must Take Immediate Action Against This Threat!

In Florida, a sheriff’s deputy successfully wrestled a seven-foot alligator on a middle-school campus as students were leaving for the day.

Guess they need a bigger “No Alligators” sign.

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Obama Warned Us – Change

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

BARACK OBAMA, speech, Feb. 5, 2008

“Everyone else… is just there to pay for it all.”

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How About “Deportables”?

So the AP is going to stop calling illegal immigrants “illegal immigrants” and instead call them something else — and I don’t think it will be the more accurate “illegal alien.”

Anyway, here is my idea for a compromise term: deportables. Because they’re people we could deport if we wanted to. We probably won’t — we certainly haven’t been — but we could. So they’re deportables.

What you think?

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Straight Line of the Day: Texas Is Running an $8 Billion Surplus, Which It Will Spend…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Texas is running an $8 billion surplus, which it will spend…

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Democrats: The Racist Party of the Past

Dr. Ben Carson recently identified white liberals as the most racist people out there, and this shouldn’t be a controversial statement. As I’ve said before, the basically the only thing holding the Democrat Party together right now is racism. They have a coalitions of racial groups to which they offer nothing of substance — we see how blue states and especially blue inner cities are failing — but keep them together with feelings of racial solidarity — a big part of that being how Democrats go out of their way to label Republicans as racist so minorities feel it’s not even an option to join that party. I mean, there is absolutely nothing the Republicans could do where the Democrats would stop calling them racist because the Democrats need the Republicans to be “racist” to hold their own party together. If we magically became a post-racial society in which people didn’t group by race or worry about racism, the Democrat Party would disintegrate. So the Democrats needs us to be a very race conscious society constantly worried about white racism.

And that is why black conservatives are so threatening to white liberals. Blacks are supposed to vote Democrat just because they’re black and white liberals aren’t used to even justifying themselves to black people. Thus those white need to convince themselves any black conservative is just a crazy, isolated fool, because a movement of minorities to the Republican Party would be the white liberals’ destruction. A white liberal basically clings to racism, because without it his whole world ends.

And that’s why the Democrats are the party of the past. People talk about demographics, but the way the Democrat Party is structured it doesn’t survive unless people stick to race-based groupings. While the Republicans are trying to be the post-racial party of the future, the Democrats are doing everything they can to keep people still in groups by race. And thus the Democrats are a party destined for the dustbin — unless we continue to obsess on silly racism far into the future. And what a depressing future that would be.

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Random Thoughts: Statistics, Obamacare, and Writing

Before you dismiss Obama’s 40% of gun sales lack a background check statistic, remember that 40% of what Obama says is true.

Had HR meeting in which they explained what would be happening with our benefits due to Obamacare. Pretty dour meeting.

I’d say my company leans left, but there wasn’t really any way to dress up any of the changes as good news.

Certainly don’t envy HR. Sounds like a big expensive mess to sort through.

Oh, and apparently we have to worry about that 40% “Cadillac” tax in 2018. Yay.

M. Night Shamaylan type twist for people who think everyone who disagrees with him is a dumb bigot: You were the real dumb bigot all along!

I’d say I love writing, but it’s truer to say I love sharing the things I think up and writing is the price I’m willing to pay to do that.

Let’s just call them “formerly known as illegal immigrants.”

I’m not excusing it, but reality is sexist.

I’m so done with Ben Carson. Let’s find another hugely successful, minority Republican who talked down the president’s spending to his face.

It should be illegal to tax guns or do anything else to artificially make them more expensive.

When someone has a grand, utopian vision for the future, you can never punch him in the face too hard.

You can count on the government to educate your children about as well as the government does anything.

Hillary does seem more qualified to be president than Obama was when he ran – though I’m still not sure exactly what she’s ever done.

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Envahisseur étranger?

The Associated Press — and apparently it’s the political correct crowd with whom they are associated — has decided to stop using the term “illegal immigrant” to describe an illegal immigrant.

According to the AP blog, Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll says:

The Stylebook no longer sanctions the term “illegal immigrant” or the use of “illegal” to describe a person.

So, what should they call them?

I kinda like Jay Leno’s suggestion (as quoted by Andrew Malcom):

AP, the world’s largest newsgathering organization, bans the term ‘illegal immigrant.’ From now on AP will call them ‘undocumented Democrats.’

Maybe there’s a better term for an illegal immigrant.

Foreign invader, perhaps?

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Not Obama’s Style

This was pretty impressive: in Florida, pro golfer Sergio Garcia made a one-handed shot out of a tree.

Very different from Obama, whose style is usually more underhanded.

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