Budgetary Michael Moore

During a speech on the Senate floor, Harry Reid claimed that over the past two years the government has reduced the deficit by $2.5 trillion.

That’s kinda like a fat guy bragging his diet is successful because he didn’t eat every scrap of food in the house.

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  1. So, give or take, we were spending about 3.7T with receipts of about 2.4T. That’s a deficit of about 1.3T per year.

    So, let’s continue with his math…

    In two years, he claims they reduced the deficit by 2.5T.

    2.5T / 2 = 1.25T per year.

    Add that to our actual average deficit and you get


    So, basically, he’s saying our deficit was way worse than reported, i.e., the government has been lying to us all along.

    I have no doubt he is lying to us now.



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