Link of the Day: Obama vs. Satan

[High Praise! to The Hutch]

An Invidious Comparison

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  1. Baal Hussein Obama is the perfect Divine Punishment for a nation gone mad with sin, depravity, perversion and idolatry. And he is doing a damned good job of destroying this hedonistic sinful land.

    Now it might not be fair to you and you probably don’t deserve to be Obamatized but the Liberals do. The Liberals really deserve him. The Obama is their Lord and Savior. He is a Pagan Religion! He is the leader of a Death Cult that sacrifices babies to the Devil.

    Obama vs. Satan?
    No its Obama and Satan.


  2. In reality if you’re a believer anyway, Satan will be subject to the evil ones who gained bodies and kept their first estate but then rejected Christ. Once the 2nd Coming is over the evil one be demoted to “pool boy”.



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