That Moment When People Come to Understand the Second Amendment

[High Praise! to American Digest and Paula Bolyard]

In the middle of that night listening to the Boston police scanner, I evolved.

I realized right then that if I were holed up in my house while a cold-blooded terrorist roamed my neighborhood, I wouldn’t want to be a sitting duck with only a deadbolt lock between me and an armed intruder. There are not enough police and they cannot come to my rescue quickly enough. They carry guns to protect themselves, not me.

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  1. I know that being a damned scum of the earth libertarian, if I was told there was a terrorist running around and to ‘shelter in. place’ I would open up the gun safe for the boomstick. After all, I am not a crackpot.


  2. Good article, but the lady sent her kids to Hillsdale College, the most conservative college in the country….so she ain’t exactly making a big switch. She’s moving from squishy to sandstone but not yet at granite…cause it might not take much to make her “evolve” the other way again.



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