Our Enemies Are Threatening to Beat Themselves Up

Posted on May 1, 2013 1:00 pm

So, half of the LA Times is threatening to quit if the Koch brothers buys their paper. I guess that is more evidence that the left have no idea how conservatives think if they believe that to be a threat.

“We awful, annoying, arrogant people you hate are going to throw away our jobs and finally get to experience the awful Obama economy we’ve been promoting!”

And if they quit, then they don’t get a severance package. What are the Koch brothers going to do with all those fun-sized bags of Doritos they were going to hand out to laid off employees?

And come someone please explain to me what exactly is the awful thing the Koch brothers are supposed to have done? I’ve never picked that up in all the left’s incoherent screaming.

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19 Responses to “Our Enemies Are Threatening to Beat Themselves Up”

  1. Ernie Loco says:

    And come someone please explain to me what exactly is the awful thing the Koch brothers are supposed to have done? I’ve never picked that up in all the left’s incoherent screaming.

    Duh, Frank. They have money and they support conservative (actually more libertarian) causes. The left hates everyone who doesn’t agree with them about everything, but they only make a big deal out of it if people are rich or famous. The Koch brothers are very rich; ergo, mucho hate.

  2. Janeane Garofalo says:

    I don’t know who these Koch brothers are but the COKE BROTHERS are PURE RIGHTWING EVIL!!!UGH!! Coke brothers are unhealthy for the environment and they were funding Bush and Cheney!! That alone should have them sent to a SuperMax prison. I KNOW about SuperMax prisons having played a Federal Officer on 24. I mean I know I shared mad love for my Jews before, but working for that wingnut Neanderthal Joel Surnow who used to pal around with Limbaugh and Hannity made me sick. I mean Limbaugh with his cigars just sweating out rightwingnuttery all over the set? I wanted to scream! UGH!!! Limbaugh is big buddies with the Coke brothers too!!! Y.U.C.K. That’s why if I have to drink a soda on camera it’s gonna be a PEPSI!!

  3. Slapout says:

    So the LA Times writters are admiting their bias?

  4. FormerHostage says:


  5. FormerHostage says:

    The proper response to the reporters?
    “Oh pleeze brair fox, doan throws me into da briar patch!”

  6. DamnCat says:

    I’m sure those folks will be able to find other jobs that pay just as well. Although the competition for those job will be tough what with global warming and all.

  7. Tin Man says:

    #2 I’m a little crackpot, short and stout. No brains within. Loony hatred do I spout.

  8. jw says:

    #2 makes me wish for carpenter

  9. FormerHostage says:

    #6 DamnCat
    That link doesn’t pertain to them. By definition prostitution is the exchange of money or goods for the act. These jackwagons would push their agenda for free.

  10. Oppo says:

    Screen-name Janeane Garofalo is doing satire. Not serious.

  11. DamnCat says:

    Yeah well, Janeane Garofalo will sure do until Janeane Garofalo shows up.

  12. Marc says:

    If that attitude is prevalent throughout the industry maybe the Koch brothers could buy a couple major TV networks and other major papers and purge the industry of a big chunk of the liberal propagandists…they could all go get jobs with Al Gore’s old network.

  13. Writer says:

    It will be a great opportunity to write about the Economy from first-hand experience. The Reporters should pay the Koch brothers for this gift.

  14. zzyzx says:

    @4 Of course she’s a crackpot…but she’s THEIR crackpot so it’s okay.

  15. FredKey says:

    How do we get the rest of them to quit?

  16. seanmhair says:

    Well, I hate to digress from teh funny to teh reality but you did ask Frank and I like to think those who ask really want to know. Having lived in the same community with the Koch brothers (although we move in slightly different social spheres) I can tell you from our perspective they work hard, they run their companies (many and diverse) with integrity, they pay a living wage, they have a great benefits package, they treat their workers with respect, they invest in the community (in ways that really work instead of way that make them feel good and are good publicity). People around the country want to work for them. They are successful, on the Libertarian side of most issues and they support those who believe in honesty, integrity, capitalism, the Constitution and the liberties and freedom enumerated therein.

    Oh they also believe that members of the press should be objective. That right there shows them for the evil people they are. They believe that people if given the facts will chose the correct answer and we all know that sheeple need to be force fed what’s good for them.

    That is why they hate the Kochs. Oh and the Koch brothers don’t apologize for their perspective and aren’t cowed by nasty little reporters with their snide comments and loaded questions. They either school them or ignore them.

  17. seanmhair says:

    I forgot YGDFTYLTATSOTE!! and I am not the crockpot, crackpot, or any other kind of ceramic pot.

  18. Harvey says:

    Bacon to seanmahair!


  19. american says:

    What do you say when half the reporters of the L.A. times say they’ll walk out?

    “Everyone bring one person out with you”

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