SCIENCE with Lactose the Intolerant – Time Travel

Posted on May 20, 2013 1:00 pm

The boy heard about Dr. Razeqi’s newly invented time machine yesterday, so we had to have the discussion about whether we should go back in time and kill off Hitler.  While I am not a fan of the Hitler, a history without Hitler would leave me unable to label my political enemies Nazis or ‘worse than Hitler,’ so I don’t think killing him would be the best approach because then I might have to elevate my dialog and make lucid and logical arguments.  Maybe I could just go back in time, buy all his paintings for way more than they were worth and tell him, “Good job! Don’t stop!  Keep up the good work!”

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8 Responses to “SCIENCE with Lactose the Intolerant – Time Travel”

  1. Glenn says:


    Brilliant! I would think that there would be many candidates for pre-emptive time travel encouragement though. The Wun might be persuaded to persue a doctorate. Then we might not have so many lawless lawyers.

  2. La Longue Carabine says:

    Killing Hitler would really mess up the timelines.

    How about just interrupting his suicide and taking him to Nuremberg to visit, briefly, with his buddies before he ‘moves on’ to a better place (for him).

  3. Vaktatunnen says:

    This timeline ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. For instance, why I had to give today’s progress report with my fly open just to protect the current timeline is entirely beyond me.

  4. CrustyB says:

    The question isn’t, if you could go backward in time, would you kill Hitler? It’s if you went too far backward in time and only had a week, would you kill Hitler’s mother? Discuss.

  5. Eric James Stone says:

    You may create an alternate universe in which the phrase “worse than Hitler” is usually reserved for art criticism.

  6. Lactose the Intolerant says:

    Eric, hahahaha. I like the way you think.

  7. slapout says:

    Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip

  8. 4of7 says:

    Futurama Farnsworth kills Hitler.

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