Who Said Government Is Evil?

Posted on May 19, 2013 12:00 pm

[High Praise! to After Math]

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4 Responses to “Who Said Government Is Evil?”

  1. FredKey says:

    Funny, I hear that zinger about questioning authority as often these days as the one about how those who give up freedom for security deserve neither. Meaning, not at all.

  2. seanamahair says:

    barak obama confuses the Spirit of the Lord and the voices some people with mental illness hear in their heads. One should always listen to ones conscience, not to mention one should always pay attention to not just what people say but what they do. It helps when one has to make a judgement call about who has one’s best interest at heart.

  3. seanamahair says:

    YGDFT!YLTATSOTE! Government is inanimate. Some people are evil. So that means the people who run the government are evil. I’d vote for that.

  4. Harvey says:

    Maybe Government Should Consist Entirely Of Empty Chairs Bacon to seanmahair!


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