Obama Warned Us – Guns

Posted on June 17, 2013 2:00 pm

I believe in keeping guns out of our inner cities, and that our leaders must say so in the face of the gun manufacturer’s lobby. But I also believe that when a gangbanger shoots indiscriminately into a crowd because he feels someone disrespected him, we have a problem of morality. Not only do we need to punish that man for his crime, but we need to acknowledge that there’s a hole in his heart, one that government programs alone may not be able to repair.

BARACK OBAMA, The Audacity of Hope

“But most importantly, we need to make sure that no one in that inner city crowd that was fired into has a gun of their own to put an actual hole in that gangbanger’s heart. Safety first!”

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13 Responses to “Obama Warned Us – Guns”

  1. walruskkkch says:

    Hey, want to keep guns out of the inner cities? Do what you want to do for the entire country, sort of an experiment to see how it will all work out elsewhere. Round up everyone, submit them and their places of residence to an exhaustive search for any “Illegal” firearms and then have the legal system prosecute them to the extent allowed by current law. I’m sure the fine, law abiding citizens of say, Chicago, will have no problems with that, it’s for the children ain’t it? You can even start with the politicians, they are so gung-ho on the matter surely they will set a fine example for the rest of us.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Hmmm. Since “city” is code for “black”, just pass a law making sales of firearms to blacks illegal. That should do it. And it would make it real easy for salesmen to do background checks. Problem solved.

    Might want to give the foreign nationals living in the USA without documentation the same treatment.

  3. Conservatarian says:

    Is anyone else confused by the assertion that audacity is required for one to be hopeful? But I have learned that foolhardiness is a synonym for audacity.

  4. NoMoBama says:

    …….we need to acknowledge that there‚Äôs a hole in his heart, one that government programs alone may not be able to repair caused.

    There, I fixed it..

  5. Dohtimes says:

    7 dead, 41 wounded this past Father’s Day weekend. In Chicago. Social media the old fashioned way, sending a message to Democrats that they need to have guns placed in the warm, live hands of the law abiding.

  6. DamnCat says:

    “I believe in keeping guns out of our inner cities…”
    Because, Lord knows, no one in the inner city ever needs to defend himself or herself.

    “…when a gangbanger shoots indiscriminately…”
    Hey, at least he’s not discriminating.

  7. Jimmy says:

    My cold, dead hands.

  8. blarg says:

    I think there is no greater validation of the old adage “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” than his adopted hometown of Chicago.

  9. plentyobailouts says:

    Not required to have an ID or prove you are a citizen to vote, yet you must subject yourself to all kinds of scrutiny to have a firearm. marxist logic 101. Even a helmet can’t help those “people”.

    Lets just divert the weapons from syria to ill noise and presto, in a few weeks, a great place to live free of those menacing democrats.

    A bomb exploded in chicaaaago and no one noticed.

    It won’t stop till they kill da bears! What? Oh. Nevermind.

  10. Janeane Garofalo says:

    UGH!!You people are so dumb!!You just don’t GET IT!!!The MACHO RE-PUKE-LICAN CULT OF VIOLENCE is to blame for all these kids KILLING EACH OTHER with GUN VIOLENCE!!If you check the contributions you will find that SMITH AND WESSON, COLT, and OTHER DEATH DEALING GUN MAKERS donate MORE MONEY TO RE-PUKE-LICAN CAUSES!!PRESIDENT Obama DOES NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS FROM DEATH DEALERS!!!Obama CARES about SOLUTIONS TO VIOLENCE and OBLITERATING THE CAUSE!!!DUH!!!Please be MORE DUMB and you WON’T suprise me!!!

  11. RAML says:

    Janeane Garofalo . Are you shackiing up with carpenter. I mean the both of your dumbness seems to compliment each other.

  12. 4of7 says:

    obama does not accept donations from death dealers, but he says “God bless you” to Planned Parenthood?
    It’s a good thing I’ve learned not to expect honesty or even consistency from the Molochian Candidate.

  13. walruskkkch says:

    Obama may not take money from Arms manufacturers in the US but he certainly liked that Palestinian money! A small routing fee paid by Iran and Hezbollah.

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