Link of the Day: Satire – Joe Biden Weighs in on the Zimmerman Verdict

(Submitted by Nate via When in the Course of Human Events [High Praise!])

CAUTION: Contains strong language (it’s “quoting” No Class Joe, after all)

And Now A Word From Our Vice President, Joe Biden

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  1. No I think I’ll pass. I could use the 30 seconds for a much more worthwhile task. Cleaning the keyboard, giving the dog worm medicine, throwing out a science project from the fridge or crafting this somewhat lame and uninteresting post. What ever I do I win………….no Joe is always a win.


  2. Don’t worry Joe, Eric Holder will find a way to turn this into a nation dividing racial incident…he’s an expert at agit-prop. And it will serve to keep the media focused on an incident that is much more important then all the administration embarrassing scandals that have occurred in recent mouths put together.



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