Link of the Day: The Zimmerman Trial: A Quiz

[High Praise! to Nuking Politics]

The Zimmerman Trial: A Quiz

I’ll admit I didn’t “follow” the Zimmerman trial all that closely, but I did read Drudge every day, and I also visited The Last Refuge regularly, and they were ALL over this story from day 1.

But when I took the Zimmerman Trial Quiz, there were a LOT of facts I didn’t know, and a LOT of pictures I hadn’t seen.

I guarantee there will be something there that will make your eyes pop and your mind boggle.

And you will wonder even more how this textbook case of prosecutorial abuse ever came to trial.


Nuking Politics’ Hunter [High Praise!] offers his take on the trial.

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  1. The quiz evoked a recollection of the brutally dishonest high-tech lynching Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas suffered during his 1991 confirmation hearing. Also dredged up memories of Tawana Brawley’s false accusations. Obviously, some Americans still haven’t progressed beyond that evil crap.



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