Obama Warned Us – Prejudice

I think the American people, at their core, are a decent people. I think that we still have prejudice in our midst but I think that the vast majority of Americans are willing to judge people on the basis of, you know, their ideas and their character. And in the case of the presidency, I think what is most important is whether the American people think that you understand their hopes and dreams and struggles and whether they think that you can actually help them achieve those hopes and dreams.

BARACK OBAMA, CNN interview, Nov. 20, 2006

“Please don’t judge me on the basis of, you know, whether I’m competent at my job.”

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  1. What?! you judged the occupant on the contents of his character and performance? Racist


  2. “In the future, elections should be decided by determining which candidate can hold their breath underwater the longest.”
    – Aquaman



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