Breaking Bad: Obama Style

[High Praise! to The People’s Cube]

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This Looks Like a Job for Scott Walker!

A new study shows that welfare recipients in New York make more than teachers do in that state.

Huh. Guess that welfare recipient union is working out pretty good after all.

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Link of the Day: And Now a Word From America’s Future

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Payback…It’s Coming…

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Keeping His Promise on Jobs

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Deafening Silence on the Obama Rodeo Clown in Texas

Liberals were quite cranky about a rodeo clown in Missouri.

A Texas rodeo planned to have an Obama rodeo clown, because they don’t care what the left thinks.

Well, that day has come and gone, and I’m not able to discover a single news story about it.

I suspect the lesson here is that when you refuse to apologize after doing nothing wrong, your insane accusers crawl back into the degenerate rat holes from whence they came.

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Qualifications: Must Understand Simple Written English

During a speech in Montana, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said the courts shouldn’t “invent new minorities that get special protections”.

Or, with Obamacare, majorities that get no protection.

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Words That Don’t Make Sense: “Too Many Liberties”

[High Praise! to According to Hoyt]

How can anyone think we have too many liberties?

Oh, I know. They think that because they believe in the myth of the “superior man” who will take care of them. The man on the white horse who knows better than everyone, and who can run everything so that no one is ever afraid or poor or sick or marginalized.

In other words, they dream of the ideal childhood.

The rest of us know that never in the history of the world, not even the calmest, has there been a time when a leader could guarantee safety, health and contentment to everyone. There will always be poor, unloved, suffering people. You can’t help that.

You behave in a way you help those around you and you try not to be a burden, but even then at times that will fail.

Those of us who are religious believe a time will come when we will live like that, in perfect harmony and contentment with a superior being watching over us.

But last time I looked, neither king, premier, president, emperor or satrap had the power to look into the hearts and minds and judge everyone perfectly. And no, the NSA spying ain’t it. And none of the above were the creators of the universe.

They are all, in fact, fallible men, usually fallible men attracted to power over others, who want to run you not for your own good but for their own internal satisfaction. And since people who crave this sort of power tend to be more broken than writers, their internal satisfaction might be something that even they don’t understand.

There is no man on a white horse. There is, always, an old trickster, coming to town and promising eternal peace. If you look carefully, you can see the horse is a mule that has been painted white. And the man is just using the same old promises the human brain is wired to crave, but what he wants is quite different. And even if he truly believes what he says, he can’t deliver. He’s just a man. He can’t know what each individual wants and needs. Only each of you can know what he wants and needs. And sometimes not even that.

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In This Particular Regard, the Media Is Doing Excellent Work

[High Praise! to After Math]

[full size pic]

“Anonymous” is not the only person who’s said this.

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Wanna Bet HHS Doesn’t Get That It’s a Joke?

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Don’t Worry, You’re Covered

In Illinois, a baby girl was born in a parking lot – 33 years after her father was born in a parking lot.

Of course, under Obamacare, that’ll only happen if you have the Cadillac Plan.

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