Let’s Talk About Being Offended

[High Praise! to Seanmahair]

In a land where people can use the most foul, disgusting words imaginable (and some one can’t even imagine) people are being fired, are being threatened with jail, and/or being subjected to death threats for using a word “one group” considers offensive. Really? So the next time someone refers to my ancestors as “micks” or “drunks” or any number of offensive names for the Irish I can threaten them, their family, their businesses? They owe me a big time payout for “offending my sensibilities”. So the words Limies, Krauts, Chinks, Crackers et al are all going to land people in jail for “hate” crimes. Little secret here, people don’t need to call you names to hate you. They can hate you and smile at you all at the same time. Most of them don’t give a rats tail what your ethnicity is, they don’t like you because THEY DON’T LIKE YOU. Please get over yourself, graduate from Middle School and put on you adult panties.

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  1. James O’Keefe apparently got his start in college complaining about being offended by the presence of Lucky Charms in the cafeteria. The “diversity” official took them seriously apparently. He and his friends thought it was hysterical.


  2. Yeah! Just using the word “Irish” in a pejorative way is offensive! Like…

    “IMAO’s No Irish Policy”

    See??!!! That’s pejorative right there!

    *cough cough*



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