For the Vets Who Liberated the WWII Memorial

[High Praise! to Springeraz of Nuking Politics]

Back in 1945, the people who led this nation weren’t afraid to use the word “Victory”.

And when you got there to visit that Memorial, you were told that it was closed. Access was only made possible through the efforts of Congressmen Palazzo, (R-Miss), Steve King, (R-Iowa), and Congresswoman Bachmann, (R-Minn).

The leftists who are currently in control of the government don’t seem to understand Honor and Respect, and they don’t understand what the rest of us have always known: you preserved the Freedom that this country has enjoyed in all the years since that Victory. Thank you.

If it weren’t for your sacrifices, the government would be writing regulations, signing executive orders, and lying to us daily in German.

Might want to go read the whole thing.

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  1. I just found out, a friend in the USAF mission tomorrow morning is sending a group of Vets to D.C.
    Guessing the DoD has had enough of the Barry-cades already.



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