The Fate of the World Rests on Us Ridiculing Democrats

Like this headline: “Koch Brothers’ Group Uses Health Care Law to Attack Democrats.” Shouldn’t that be “Koch Brothers’ Group, Everyone Else Uses Health Care Law to Attack Democrats.” I know it’s hard to comprehend right now since we’re right in the middle of it still, but this is one of the most epic failures of government ever. Everyone involved with it will rightfully be hounded with this horrific failure for the rest of their lives. On their deathbeds, the very last thing they’ll hear will be, “Wasn’t that one of the guys responsible for Obamacare?” If all these Democrats aren’t severely punished for the worst failure ever, then our whole democratic system means nothing. Our country will collapse. And if America collapses, so does the world. Thus the very fate of humanity rest in us all attacking Democrats for this giant blunder of theirs.

But if the Koch brothers are paying people to attack Democrats, my going rate is $100 an hour.

…Wait, how much do they have? $200 an hour.

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  1. Why is it when the Koch brothers support something that is used by the leftist media to automatically discredit whatever is taking place. However if there is something that is organized and funded by either Warren Buffet or George Sorros it is heralded as a “grassroots movement”?


  2. Have you ever played the semi-freeform RPG called Fiasco? (If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing, buy it, and grab two or three friends to start playing right now.) I bring it up, because I want the people who voted for this mess to have a fate between one of these Aftermath conditions:

    White Two: Merciless. You might not be dead on the outside but you sure as hell are dead on the inside. The emotional or mental wounds you have suffered will never heal. The future is a brick wall.

    White Three: Grim. The stress and trauma from your little adventure are going to haunt you forever – bits of your soul are destroyed and you are missing a piece or two. In a few years children are going to cry when you get too close. All your plans have ended in complete ruin.

    White Four: Bitter. You know what it’s like to be utterly crushed, casually brought low, forced to eat your own words and stand mute and powerless before your enemies. They gloat, and you are helpless.


  3. I don’t know if anybody noticed this or not but last week a dem sen. was put in the hospital by his son . Tonite a dem house member was attacked, a la knock-out game, In DC (Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.)). If this keeps up will we have enough dems to mock?



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