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A new survey found that the majority of Facebook users have taken multiweek breaks from the service, citing the tedium and irrelevancy of its content.

Ok, people – stop posting clips of Obama’s speeches.

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  1. Multiweek breaks?

    I show up on Facebook once or twice a year, and that’s just to make sure nobody has stolen my identity.

    I put something of a disclaimer on it, saying “I appreciate people using Facebook and all, and if you’re here that’s cool, but I really don’t check this – almost ever. Sorry, but that’s what I do.”

    I wonder how common that is…


  2. I use Facebook every day, simply because the rest of my extended family uses it. It’s cheaper than long distance and we can make alnnouncements to everyone at once. Plus, I like the funny pictures. I used to play some of the games, but can’t do that on my phone.



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