A Typical Obama Tribute

Posted on December 10, 2013 10:00 pm

[High Praise! to The Looking Spoon]

Narcissist-in-Chief wins again, and remains undefeated in the HumbleBrag event.

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9 Responses to “A Typical Obama Tribute”

  1. Oppo says:

    Not surprising…

    His tribute to Neil Armstrong? A photo of himself looking up at the night sky. [link]

    His White House website revised the biographies of the previous presidents — to include Barack Obama in each.

    His 62-minute (apparently misnamed) “State of The Union” speech in 2011 contained a (—predictable—) 72 references to himself — 51 “I“s, 10 “I’m”s, 5 “Me“s, 5 “I’ve”s, and 1 “I’d.”

    And, according to him, his election day was when the Earth began to heal.

    Nah, no problems there.

  2. 4of7 says:

    He’ll propose a new anthem to replace “Hail to the Chief” next week – the lyrics just need a few tweaks.

  3. AT says:

    Weird. Internet weirdos like to call me a “narcissist.”

    What must that imply about Obama? (Oh, right… he’ll just TELL them what to think.)

  4. seanmahair says:

    This is not an original thought but I have been pondering it since the story about the 6 year old and his harassment problem. Here we are worried about a six year old kissing a little girl on the cheek, the presidents bad behavior at the memorial for Mandela, shaking Castro’s hand, NSA monitoring on line games and the like.

    Meanwhile the Iranians now have permission to enrich Uranium, they are working on a delivery mechanism and have been very clear about their willingness, nay, their intention to “wipe Israel off the map” and “kill the great Satan” (that would be us US).

    So……..as usual our elected officials have screwed us right into a brick wall and are telling us what a good job they’ve done and how grateful we should be. Sigh.

  5. zzyzx says:

    Ah right, there’s nothin ta see here seanmahair, just move along, move along. ~ Officer Obama

  6. Fred Key says:

    If I had thousands of reporters licking my, uh, shoes every day it might make me feel a little egotistical too, I guess.

    Anyway, bacon to Andrew Malcolm for actually slogging through one of Omg!bama’s crappy Official Statements.

  7. RTank says:

    dat interpreter is FAKE and he is very qualified to work for obama administration.

  8. Oppo says:

    Bacon/Thanks to Basil for fixing my astronaut faux pas and adding the link!!!

  9. IMAO » Blog Archive » Straight Line of the Day: The Most Embarrassing Moment at the Mandela Memorial Service… links:

    […] Praise! to RTank for the article […]

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