Easy on the Freedoms, There, Buckaroo

Posted on December 28, 2013 8:00 am

Just want to see how well this story works with minor adjustments:

President Obama issued a stern warning to entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of his economic reforms, telling Congress that “those pressuring us to move faster are moving us toward failure.”

Obama has subsidized small-scale, green businesses since 2010, but has issued tighter regulations on businesses seen as going too far or competing excessively with state enterprises.

Obama threw his full weight behind such measures in an address to the legislature, saying “every step we take must be accompanied by the establishment of a sense of order.”

“Inadequate controls by government institutions in the face of illegal activities by private businesspeople weren’t resolved in a timely fashion, creating an environment of impunity and stimulating the accelerated growth of activities that were never authorized for certain occupations,” Obama said.

Hmmm… we’ll call that one “not entirely implausible”.

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One Response to “Easy on the Freedoms, There, Buckaroo”

  1. Oppo says:

    Two quotes from Fidel Castro which could quite easily have come from Obama:

    “If we had paused to tell the people that we were Marxist-Leninists while we were . . . not yet strong, it is possible that we would never have been able to descend to the plains.”
    – Speech on the anniversary of the Granma landing (2 December 1961)

    “Socialism is so obsolete, it is dying by itself.… Did I say socialism? I assure you on my honor this was not a mental slip. This was a slip of the tongue. Do not forget that. Capitalism—and I say it with such gusto—capitalism is so obsolete that it is dying by itself.”
    – Comments on Latin American Debt (15 September 1985)

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