Link of the Day: IMAO Artist-In-Residence Updates Blog

Posted on December 4, 2013 6:00 pm

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

Two great new works of art have been posted. Have a gander.

Inspiration Comes From Many Sources

As for his wild speculations in the commentary, all I can say is that I’m still busy living it up, plundering the high seas, and threatening to kill my cabin boy in the morning. Sorry, no dramatic battles with Spaniards, giants, or Sicilians here.

Sheesh! Artists… always with the drama…

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15 Responses to “Link of the Day: IMAO Artist-In-Residence Updates Blog”

  1. Oppo says:


  2. Anonymiss says:

    Absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Harvey says:

    He just keeps getting better, doesn’t he?

  4. Jimmy says:

    What Oppo said.

    4of7, your art is “7of9″ beautiful.

  5. Anonymiss says:

    @4 Jimmy, you think 7of9 is beautiful? Huh.

  6. Jimmy says:


    I’ve noticed you say that a lot. Uh hmm.

    Yeah, when she let her hair down off camera and spoke in her own voice.


  7. Anonymiss says:

    @6 Huh. :P

    Well, the art is beautiful anyway. :)

  8. Anonymiss says:

    Btw, with respect to 4of7s speculation…

    I have three words:

    In Harvey’s dreams.


  9. Harvey says:

    @8 – Hey! Who told you what I’ve been…

    Oh… heh… figure of speech…


  10. 4of7 says:

    Thanks folks!
    I feel like I’ve joined some sort of club.
    Like, “Hey! Look at me! I’m a blogger! Yay me!”
    I got the same thrill the first time I left a comment at a website, and the day I opened my facebook page.
    As long as I can resist the temptation to start Twittering, I guess I’ll be all right, right?

  11. Harvey says:

    @10 – Sorry dude, you’re doomed.

    Yeah, I remember my first blog post… like 10 years ago…

    And I still insist that “I can quit any time I want”.


  12. 4of7 says:

    Ooh Nooooo…..! :(

  13. Doug says:

    Quantum physics says that you should be able to ‘fold’ that card to where “A” touches “B” and your journey is nearly instantaneous.

    I’ve heard of marijuana in brownies and now I’ve seen a cupcake on acid.

  14. Oppo says:

    In this computer age, especially, of all eras, to see that a human mind / hand / artistic impulse could create such things, is refreshing and inspiring.

    (Sorry for having to use the word “things,” because at first I was going to call them designs, but they transcend design into the realm of art, storytelling, and so on; engaging both sides of the brain simultaneously.)

    They’re akin to postcards from the third dimension to the fourth, and they restore my awe of humans.

  15. 4of7 says:

    Aw shucks (blushes).
    I read somewhere that in order to become an expert at something, you have to practice it for 10,000 hours.
    By my calculations, I’ve been doing these “things” for about 16,380 hours so far, not counting the cartooning and doodling I did before that, so it’s a life-time thing.
    I love it, so I do it a lot.
    The more I do it, the better I get at it.
    The better I get at it, the more I enjoy it.
    The more I enjoy it, the more I love it.
    I’m glad I can share it.

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