Link of the Day: MC Escher Turns Green With Envy

Posted on December 6, 2013 6:00 pm

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]


Don’t have anything in your mouth before you click over, because your jaw is going to drop, and whatever you had in your mouth will fall out and get all over your keyboard.

IMAO accepts no responsibility for any keyboard damage that may result from viewing the above link.

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9 Responses to “Link of the Day: MC Escher Turns Green With Envy”

  1. jw says:

    very nice.

    i wonder what it is like to live in your head.

    i bet it is different than living in mine.

  2. Jimmy says:

    4of7 – have you thought about what your designs would look like in stained glass?


    (No pun intended. My nephew, the chemist/artist does it, including blown glass.)

  3. 4of7 says:

    #1 – jw,
    Sometimes it feels pretty crowded in here, but mostly we get along all right.
    Different? Probably. Better? Well, Enjoy where you are, because no matter where you go, there you are.
    (Slingblade voice) And that’s all I can say about that, uh-um.

    #2 – Jimmy,
    Yeah, I’ve thought about it; maybe tracing a design directly on a pane of glass, then painting it with translucent colors.
    But a full-blown stained glass window, with the lead and the soldering and all that? Not in the budget, man.
    Let your nephew use my designs as inspiration if he wants to – I won’t mind!

  4. Oppo says:

    * Want to drive a woodworker insane? Hand him or her one of these. Say, “I have this layout in mind. Can you make me one of these?” Check back in on them in a year. Insane, I guarantee.

    * I like how the titles add to the experience of the drawings. No, seriously. You may say, “Well, sure, they’re integral to the work,” but they are appreciated by the viewer. I’ve seen enough titles like “Composition 11″ and “Red, #21″ to last a lifetime.

    * In the ‘”Which One To Feed” design, I saw a leopard on the left, and a hawk on the right, instead of wolves. Still felt very Native American-themed, of course.

    * Can you imagine if some of these were on ceilings? Quite the “Whoa!” moment, looking up.

    * I like how, just when the viewer’s brain is saying “OK, OK, I get the pattern here; it’s going to be repetitive and I can take a shortcut to understanding how it works –” just then, you throw in some chaos or asymmetry, and force the mind to try to assimilate this new data.

    * I also think I’m learning a little bit about art by reading your descriptions of them.

    * If you ever feel (as you imply) that the drawings assume a life of their own, in a sense, as they get created, I’m reminded of a quote I read once (I’m paraphrasing): “The opinion of the artist is always interesting, but never relevant.”

    * Production note: In the options for commenting, the drop-down list doesn’t include the one option I use on Anonymiss’s Nuking Politics comment section: “Name/URL.” I can just enter “Oppo” and comment. I don’t see that particular option available. I don’t have those other website accounts or whatever.

  5. Fly says:

    You know, my earlier impression of your work was that it was too detail-oriented. They were so complex that the order felt like chaos. But some of these are just lovely and mesmerizing. They have a nice flow beyond the details. More than that, you feel something unique to each if you stare at it for long enough.

    Well done, 4of7! Perhaps some day we’ll say we knew you when. :)

  6. Anonymiss says:

    Breathtaking and hypnotic.

    I am blown away by the variety and unexpectedness of your designs.

    They continue to surprise and delight me.

    You should be very proud of the beauty you have brought to life. :)

  7. 4of7 says:

    #4 – Oppo,
    Try OpenID – that seems to work.
    I start my designs with a simple, repetitive pattern – Maximum Order.
    Then I’ll add a second pattern, superimposed on the first – Deliberate Chaos.
    Then I try to reconcile the two conflicting patterns, creating a Higher Order of Unity.
    Then I start coloring it in, and the pattern of colors adds another level of complexity.
    Or in other words, I just fiddle with each design until it “Looks about right”.

    #5 Fly and #6 Anonymiss,
    Thank you. I have to remind myself not to let all this praise go to my head.
    If I start drawing to please “my public” and not to explore the possibilities of my medium, I fear I’ll lose my ‘spark’.
    Each design is a sort of experiment – I pose myself a challenge, “What would happen if I took that, and changed it this way, and then did that other thing?”
    Sometimes It works, but each time I learn a little more than I knew before.

  8. 4of7 says:

    PS: There’s nothing wrong with drawing to please “my public” if there’s money in it; I Am a capitalist, after all!

  9. Harvey says:

    @8 – In art, there’s always the fine line between “just for me” and “pleasing the fans”. I deal with it all the time in making posts for IMAO. For the most part, though, the two are in harmony. I was a huge fan of IMAO long before I started writing here.

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