Link of the Day: Satire – Iranian Comedy ‘Jihad’ Bombs Onstage

Posted on December 24, 2013 6:00 pm

[High Praise! to The Duffel Blog]

Iranian Comedy ‘Jihad’ Bombs Onstage


More Little Worlds goodness from 4of7 [High Praise!]

How I Did It, and What I’ve Done.

4of7 reveals some of the gruntwork behind his magic, and brother, there’s a LOT of magic in this post.

By the way, in The Adventures of Kevin Koastie… there’s penguins…

And now I’m hooked, because I’m wondering if this post-apocalyptic future will be more like Futurama or more like Idiocracy.

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24 Responses to “Link of the Day: Satire – Iranian Comedy ‘Jihad’ Bombs Onstage”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Whoa. That Bonus Link is worth the price of admission!

    Merry Christmas, 4of7, and thanks for sharing your art with us!

    And same to you Harvey, Basil, Lactose, Anonymiss, Mr. Right and Frank. (This is Frank’s blog, isn’t it? Where’s Frank? Is he sick?)

  2. Oppo says:

    Echoing Jimmy’s comments, adding Jimmy.


    “Inner Strength 4/5/10″: You are a freaking genius.

    “Dream Father #2″ – ditto

    “Collide-a-Scope” – best combination of title & art

    “Awkward Spirals” & ” The Last One” leave me in a state of awe best compared to hearing a great work of music. Language is beggarsd.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Oppo, do you think 4of7 knows how unique his mind is?

    You have a similar gift – but with words, sir.

    Merry Christmas, Oppo, to all the other commeters here I enjoy so much!

  4. Oppo says:

    Wow — Jimmy is a helluva nice guy. Glad to know you! Merry Christmas to you too!

    Nope, I doubt 4of7 has a firm grasp on how impressive h’s is –he comes off as too humble in his writings.

    P.S. — typo: “begarsd” shoulda been “beggarded.” Even if it’s a weird word, the Kindle shouldn’t have mucked with it.

  5. Oppo says:

    Curses! On reading back, I see it changed “Dream Catcher” to “Dream Father” – which doesn’t make sense. I must have some kind of sausage-fingers.

  6. Harvey says:

    @4 – Yeah, 4of7 is WAY too humble about his gifts. Right now, he’s starting to adjust to the idea that someone else besides him thinks these aren’t just “cool doodles”, but magnificent, stirring artworks.

    We’ll just have to keep telling him for a while.

    Gee, what an awful burden… having to look at more of his work and laud it with honest praise… OH! I can hardly bear the strain!

    *faints dramatically*

  7. Jimmy says:

    @6: So, maybe we need a brainstorming thread on how to encourage 4of7′s art.

    I’ll start. 4of7 – think about “printmaking.” Also, calendars and posters. You need a professional printer! You could also hook-up with a crocheted afghan pattern designer (oh, darn, there’s a pun in there)…

    Once you get some product developed, you could expand your web exposure at sites like Etsy (example):

  8. Oppo says:

    Beverly Hills tile-masters, for floors and pools (don’t laughter; that’s serious money)

    Ceiling mosaics.

    George Lucas. (Just copyright anything before you send it to him.)

    MOMA. Seriously.

  9. Harvey says:

    @7 – Calendars, posters… this sounds like a job for Cafe Press:

    We use that at IMAO.

    Can you imagine a coffee cup with a Little World on it?

    One look, and your brain would go into overdrive before you had your first sip of morning joe…

  10. Oppo says:

    My God, I have to start proofreading!!!

    I *KNOW* I didn’t type “laughter”!!

  11. Jimmy says:

    Harvey & Oppo, I can imagine 4of7′s stuff showing up on everything. Coffee mugs, T-shirts, posters, calendars, framed prints, stained glass, loom, crochet and knitting patterns, murals, building walls… and in my house.

  12. Oppo says:

    IMAO is currently a privileged society, as were those who enjoyed the impressionists before they were The Impressionists.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Nipping on the hot toddies already, Oppo?

  14. Harvey says:

    So… should we encourage him to put one of the originals up on Ebay, just to see what would happen?

  15. Oppo says:

    @Harvey: Yes!

    @Jimmy: No!
    But I received the same question yesterday with my word “residtribution.”
    I’m gonna do more previewing, that’s for sure.

    @4of7: I just had to go back and look again. “Inner Strength” is even better on second viewing.
    I should have included “Wrecked Tangles” in the Titles Hall Of Fame.

  16. 4of7 says:

    Thanks Everybody, I feel really blessed right now.
    #14 – Harvey, Which of those you’ve seen so far should I put on Ebay first?
    I had a dream, when I first got into this, I mean, beyond the doodling stage, a dream that some day my work would catch on like Peter Max back in the 70′s did.
    His stuff was on lunch boxes, postures, t-shirts, mugs etc, and finally inspired that animated film, The Yellow Submarine, with The Beatles.
    (Dreaming Big here…) Which rock band should provide the music for “Little Worlds – The Movie”?
    #15 – Oppo, “Inner Strength” is my patriotic affirmation of the endurance of America.
    The 3 inner Rings, linked together and connected to everything else are Red, White and Blue for a reason.
    The surface may be fluid and chaotic, but the core remains unshaken. (At least, that’s what I hope).
    “Wrecked Tangles” was an experiment in drawing order out of chaos; some people see a face in it – and who am I to say there’s not?
    Glad you like them.
    Merry Christmas to all my friends at IMAO!
    Your encouragement really lifts my spirits.
    Bless you!

  17. Harvey says:

    @16 – “Inner Strength” should be the first to go on the auction block. You’re already guaranteed a small bidding war, since Oppo and I both want it.

    One thing, though. Before you sell it, you need to get a large and VERY detailed scan image of it, in case you want to put the image on things later.

    From my work with Cafe Press, you’ll need an image that’s 10″ by 10″ at 200dpi (so a 2000x2000px image – that’s standard for Cafe Press t-shirt images) and you’ll need to save it in a “lossless” format like .png or .gif (I prefer .png, personally) – NOT .jpg – which compresses the file, and distorts detail.

    .jpg is fine for internet posting, but not for making T-shirts

  18. Oppo says:

    @4 of 7
    Wouldn’t it be something if Paul thought them apropos to — something?
    A 2014 version of Yellow Submarine.

  19. 4of7 says:

    #17 – Harvey,
    Well, I gave it a shot.
    I copied Inner Strength as a png file, 200 dpi, and 1602 x 2000 px. (I can’t seem to make it any wider than 1602 px).
    Will this do?
    C:\Users\Grace\Documents\Inner Strength.png 001.png

  20. 4of7 says:

    Dang it! That didn’t work!
    Well, I’ll think of something.

  21. 4of7 says:
    How’s this?

  22. Harvey says:

    @21 – That looks good.

    I’ll note in passing that the image displayed on your blog was actually only 1282×1600, but that’s a size limitation imposed by Blogger’s image-uploading software. If the file on your computer says 1602×2000, that’s what matters.

  23. 4of7 says:

    Oh, if jw is listening, I figured out how to add “name/url” and “anonymous” options to the comment section, so everyone can leave comments!
    Thanks, Harvey – yer a prince!

  24. jw says:

    @23 cool! i’m a bit late to the party here, but i did arrive.

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