Link of the Day: “You Can’t Possibly Mean That”

[High Praise! to Michael Walsh]

“You Can’t Possibly Mean That”

Sort of a primer on how to humiliate liberals in public. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to use some of these phrases yourself.

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  1. what? no mention of ‘it’s settled science” or “90% of the world’s scientists agree”?? What about “that’s what the Nazis said”?



  2. @1 – I kinda like his approach – it’s snooty moral outrage without a logical argument involved.

    Very hard to fight back against. Ask any conservative who’s been hit with it.


  3. “9 out of 10 dentists agree…”

    Well golly-gee dang, who wants to be the one dentist left out in the cold when those nine cool dentists are hanging out and mocking those lu-zerz who are still using that crap schmear Pepsodent (or Crest or whatever)?

    Folks want to be with the “in crowd”. (Even if they look like lemmings.)



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