New Polls Show Approval of Obamacare Skyrocketing

Posted on December 4, 2013 11:00 am

Well, the first 87 speeches on Obamacare didn’t work, but the 88th seemed to have been the charm. A new Gallup poll shows a 30 point increase in Obamacare’s popularity. I guess it was Obama’s message of “you’re stuck with Obamacare and there is nothing you can do about it” really resonated with people. I mean, we had a disastrous website launch and the anger over Obama’s lies about people keeping their plans, but some adviser to the president must have said, “I know what to do: Give another speech!” Whoever that guy was, give him a raise; he really nailed it. I even like Obamacare now. SarahK and I were all angry about losing the health insurance plan we liked, but after Obama’s speech we’re all like, “How can we be fixated on how Obama directly harmed us when we have a $600 million website that’s now almost working?”

So how much do you love Obamacare now thanks to Obama’s latest speech?

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17 Responses to “New Polls Show Approval of Obamacare Skyrocketing”

  1. Jimmy says:

    Obamacare? Now?

    Oh, thanks to his speech, it’s off the charts, Frank. Over the top, down the other side – and straight to hell.

  2. Bob B says:

    Love is too weak a word to describe the sheer exhilaration I feel each time I now hear those blessed words, “the Affordable Care Act”. I am planning to hurt myself just to experience the magic of government-managed healthcare!

  3. Tim says:

    I am so excited that I personally coached 78 navigators to sign up! Congress and the Presidential staff are still a hard sell.

  4. Oppo says:

    I love it to the depth and breadth and height the SOL can reach.

    This is unlike Obama’s love for it, which means never having to say he’s sorry.

  5. Oppo says:

    My love is like a red, Red ruse.

  6. Basil says:

    After reading the FactChex for its popularity, I’m all for it. I mean if all the cool kidz are doing it, I want to like it too.

  7. c64wood says:

    Every time Obummer speaks, I think of Razzle Dazzle from the movie Chicago

  8. Oppo says:

    “If I was President
    Whenever the Congress called my name
    I’d say now ‘Who do
    Who do you think you’re fooling?’
    I’ve got the Presidential Seal –
    I’m up on the Presidential Podium . . “

    Obama loves us like Iraq.

  9. cptnmoroni says:

    I love Obamacare more than an auditorium of teenage girls love Justin Bieber. After having Obamacare’s baby (which will never be considered a pre-existing condition nor will the only covered option on childbirth be a trip to Kermit Gosnell’s clinic), I plan on changing my name to Cptnmoroni Q Obamacare. I love Obamacare almost as much as Obama loves…. well, Obama.

    Of course, I love it mainly because it is destroying the Democratic Party and showing people exactly what the government can and will do to them if we give it a chance but still.

  10. Oppo says:

    “So how much do you love Obamacare now thanks to Obama’s latest speech?”

    It gives me the warm fuse-ies.

  11. NoMoBama says:

    The definition of loving Obama care to a liberal is when everyone else loses their insurance, the definition of hating Obama care to a liberal is when they lose their insurance.

  12. walruskkkch says:

    What is this “Obamacare” of which you speak? Does it hurt?

  13. Writer says:

    I just can’t stop admiring what it has done to the Democrapic Party.

  14. CrabbyOldBat says:

    So how much do you love Obamacare now thanks to Obama’s latest speech?

    I cannot stop weeping. I guess that’s love. That must be love, right?

  15. NoMoBama says:

    I can proudly say that I have never listened to Obama speak for more than 30 seconds and unless it’s at his trial and sentencing, I never will.

  16. Iowa Jim says:

    I now love Obamacare even more than I love San Francisco, cauliflower, or my neighbor’s psychotic dog.

  17. Ogrrre says:

    Frank, what they didn’t tell you about this poll was how the sample to be polled was selected. Instead of a mix of LIKELY democrat, republican, and independent voters, or even a mix of REGISTERED democrat, republican, and independent voters, the sample selected was randomly selected from Whitehouse occupants. Now you know how a 30% increase in favorable results occurred after that last speech. The next poll, selecting from the same group will show that 99% of the population thinks Obama is doing a great job, that he always tells the truth, that America is on the right track, and his handling of both foreign and domestic policy is just right.

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