Random Thoughts: Happy Holidays, Potatoes, and Batman

Posted on December 4, 2013 9:34 am

Never got the people cheering on Elan Gale. Just seemed like a guy with unhealthy anger issues. Comes off better that it was a hoax.

I’ll agree to say “Happy Holidays” if we can also end the fiction that Kwanzaa is an actual thing.

Whatever adviser it is that keeps recommending Obama say things should be fired.

“Daddy, she said it’s holiday music; I thought it was Christmas music.” How do you explain “happy holidays” to a 3 year old?

“People say ‘happy holidays’ but mean ‘merry Christmas’ but they don’t want to actually say ‘Christmas’ since most people celebrate it which makes it oppressive.”

You can make fun of the “War on Christmas,” just don’t pretend there isn’t a lot of idiocy associated with avoiding saying Christmas.

People make fun of us for electing a sack of potatoes governor of Idaho, but it never get in our business or raises taxes.

I’ve finally reached the acceptance stage on Ben Affleck as Batman. I’ll never be the same again, but I have a certain level of peace.

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9 Responses to “Random Thoughts: Happy Holidays, Potatoes, and Batman”

  1. Jimmy says:

    And when the potatoes are gone, you have a nice burlap sack, good for so many things – including more potatoes!

  2. DamnCat says:

    I’m thinking of the stoning scene in “Life of Brian” – but instead of “Jehovah” they say “Christmas”.

  3. Basil says:

    Where can I get a Sack Of Potatoes 2016 bumper sticker?

  4. Oppo says:

    @ Basil:

    “Where can I get a Sack Of Potatoes 2016 bumper sticker?’

    — could be an entry in the “Bing’s Top Search Trends for 2013″ contest

  5. NoMoBama says:

    War on Christmas? What gives you that idea?

  6. Capitalist_B says:

    That and the called the sack of potatoes ‘Manly Mink’ which you have to admit is a name with a nice ring to it.

  7. NoMoBama says:

    Vote early and often!

  8. Writer says:

    Don’t knock Kwanzaa, this made-up holiday is so that workers don’t have to be paid Holiday Pay for working on Christmas, Easter, etc.

  9. Iowa Jim says:

    Elan Gale is one of the few human beings whose name is an anagram of “Algae Len”, which, of course, is what Elan Gale’s friends call him.

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