Random Thoughts: Sound of Music and Lies Obama Told Us

Posted on December 9, 2013 10:00 am

I’m losing faith in America that Obama is still able to give a speech in this country without someone shouting, “Shut up, loser!”

“Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage!” Fox Butterfield, is that you?

Every argument over the rules of Russian roulette seem to end in violence.

How useful are plastic guns if we don’t have plastic bullets?

Funny. Until watching the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music tonight, I completely forgot that in 8th grade I played Max in a school production.

I don’t even know the plot. My character didn’t come in until the 2nd act, so the beginning was never very important to me.

I had a lot of lines, but pointing to an imaginary “dilapidated” castle is all I remember.

One of my two songs got cut because I wasn’t very good at singing :(

To update Sound of Music, they should have renamed it “Maria, Nazi Smasher” and changed the ending.

#LiesObamaToldUs “My friends call me ‘Dutch.’”

#LiesObamaToldUs “I once started a fight club.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “I can’t name all the Power Rangers.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “I have a green belt in judo.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “That’s not my fedora.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “Charlie bit me!”

#LiesObamaToldUs “I am good at the sex.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “I once found the end of a rainbow.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “A bigger kid told me it was okay.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “If you don’t stop making fun of my ears, I will stab you.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “I have a super awesome tat of a dragon.”

#LiesObamaToldUs “That’s a football injury.”

Luckily Taco Bell axed its idea of a “Have a surprise attack on some Locos Tacos!” ad.

So before modern birth control and abortion procedures existed, were women technologically incapable of being equal to men?

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2 Responses to “Random Thoughts: Sound of Music and Lies Obama Told Us”

  1. DamnCat says:

    #LiesObamaToldUs “Let me be clear.”

  2. TerribleTroy says:

    #LiesObamaToldUs “My name is Barack Obama”…..

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