Things That Are Wrong with Breaking Bad

Posted on December 20, 2013 1:00 pm

So, I finished watching Breaking Bad, and instead of being another person going on about how great it is, I’ll point out the few flaws I saw in the series. And luckily there were some flaws, because as someone who wants to write compelling fiction himself, it would be hard to stand if it were perfect.



* It’s kinds of unfair to point this out since it’s sort of because of a writer’s strike, but the first season ended pretty weakly. In fact, the premiere of the second season would have been a great season finale and the second episode of the second season a great premiere.

* For getting glimpses of it throughout the second season, the payoff of the plane crash that Walt tangentially caused didn’t really work for me.

* Walt was almost too pathetic in season 4, at some points stupid beyond belief. Such as the episode where he decided to just get a gun and go shoot Fring. It was dumb for him to think he could just walk up and shoot Fring — when Fring would already be aware Walt would want to kill him — and what exactly was Walt’s plan for after that if he somehow succeeded? Also, with Walt so blatantly trying to kill Fring, it strained credulity to believe Fring would keep him around for any reason.

* And how pathetic Walt was in season 4 made his switch to alpha male in season 5 seem abrupt. Despite Mike saying, “Just because you killed Jesse James doesn’t make you Jesse James,” that’s basically what happened as killing Fring seemed to give Walt the confidence boost he needed to be a drug kingpin.

* The neo-nazis from the last season were almost deus machina. They just pop up out of nowhere and then much of the last season was centered around them. They make a big deal of how Walt killed ten people within two minutes, but all Walt did for that was this conversation:

WALT: “I want these ten people in prison killed within two minutes.”
WALT: *Heisenberg voice* “Do it anyway.”

They really needed another season to more organically insert the neo-nazis in the story and develop them.

* I felt like I needed more explanation on how the ruthless Walt had such a strict rule on not killing family, especially when he was willing to give all his money up to save his brother in law from neo-nazis.

* In the last episode, two things stuck out at me. One, Walt finds car keys in the sun visor of a car. This is a movie cliche, but I’ve never known anyone in real life to put keys there to make their car so easy to steal. Does anyone actually do that? Also, I have trouble believing a blindly fired M60 could so easily kill a room full of people.

And that’s about it.

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10 Responses to “Things That Are Wrong with Breaking Bad”

  1. TGregg says:

    My main issue was that I didn’t like a lot of the characters: Skyler, Marie, Walt Jr., Badger, Skinny Pete, Jesse Plemons, Gale. I found Gus, Walt, Jesse Pinkman, Mike and Saul to be very interesting. Glad they didn’t kill off Saul and Jesse P., sheesh.

  2. James says:

    When I was little we lived in a large house that doubled as the headquarters for a tree cutting business. Keys were always left in the visors of cars so that anyone could move them out of the way of incoming and outgoing trucks. From what I understand its more common in southern rural areas for the same reason, so folks can easily move your car out of the way of other vehicles.

  3. Bob in Feenicks says:

    I leave my keys in the sun visor all the time, though I probably should stop, since I also lock the car whenever I get out.

  4. Jeff in South Dakota says:

    What’s Breaking Bad?

  5. CCO says:

    @4 Jeff–beats me; I’m too stingy to pay for TV either.

  6. RAML says:

    I have trouble believing a blindly fired M60 could so easily kill a room full of people.

    If the walls were hard enough to allow ricochets and you could fire it till the barrel melted. This is of course if you didn’t shoot yourself since you are part of the room filled with people.

    Since it’s tv anything can happen , badly broken or not.

  7. LTC F says:

    I’ve never known an M60 to fire more than about 50 rounds without jamming to the point of requiring partial disassembly and much cursing.

  8. CCO says:

    @7 Sir, I thought that was just the worn out ones at Ft. Jackson.

  9. Basil says:

    While some of the best things in life are free, not all the best things are free. Breaking Bad was worth it. To me.

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