I Didn’t Misspell a Word, That Was a Typo, Which Is Completely Different

[High Praise! to Liberal Logic 101]

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Because Space Music Is Better With Muppets

[Space Oddity (ft. Chris Hadfield and Glove and Boots)] (Viewer #117,760)

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“This Time I Will Destroy My Arch-Nemesis… Once and For All!!!”

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein announced that he is making a movie to try to “destroy” the National Rifle Association.

Yeah, good luck with that. Betcha it causes more ammo sales than ticket sales.

[Title reference: there’s no link for this, it’s just my own observation than whenever a bad guy uses the phrase “once and for all” in a movie or TV show, his plan is completely doomed to fail. Just watch for it – you’ll see]

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50 State Stereotypes (According to Google)

From HuffPo

Thanks to the Twitter account @Amazing_Maps, we now have an idea of how the Internet stereotypes all 50 U.S. states. When a search phrase like “Why is Illinois so…” is typed into Google, the search engine autocompletes the sentence with the word that people most commonly write in the search bar next. In this way, Google autocomplete may reveal the deeply held assumptions the public holds about a state.

Actually, if I’m not mistaken about Google’s algorithm, search results become increasingly tailored to the user over time, so this may say at least as much about the user as it does about the search engine.

For example, I got “Why is Wisconsin so cold” as my #1 result. “Liberal” was second.

Anyway, for the record, since I literally wrote the book on state stereotypes, I can state authoritatively that most of this map’s stereotypes are wrong, and most Google users ask stupid questions.

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Link of the Day: Satire – ‘Little Sisters’ Unionize, Seek ObamaCare Exemption

[High Praise! to ScrappleFace]

‘Little Sisters’ Unionize, Seek ObamaCare Exemption

[Think you have a link that’s IMAO-worthy? Send it to harvolson@gmail.com. If I use your link, you will receive High Praise! (assuming you remember to put your name in the email)]

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Wisdom of the Day: Gavel Discovery Decaf Animals Mentos Mario Revolutionary

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I Don’t HAVE to Do This, You Know…

A new study shows that comedians have high levels of psychotic personality traits.

So, if I ever get sick of IMAO, apparently President of North Korea is always a career option.

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Obama Warned Us – Bipartisanship

Bipartisanship — not for its own sake but to solve problems — that’s what our constituents, the American people, need from us right now. All of us then have a choice to make. We have to choose whether we’re going to be politicians first or partners for progress; whether we’re going to put success at the polls ahead of the lasting success we can achieve together for America.

BARACK OBAMA, remarks to GOP House Issues Conference, Jan. 29, 2010

“Two words – polls, baby!”

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Surprise! You’ve Been Judged!

Anonymiss of Nuking Politics picked her favorite punchlines to “Scientists Say Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Collapsing. The Solution…

Click here to see if you made the cut.

If you did, you should probably email Keln about becoming a guest blogger there.

If you didn’t, Anonymiss has got another straight line for you to practice on.

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Straight Line of the Day: DHS Plans to X-Ray All Food and Drink at the Super Bowl. Other Preparations…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

DHS plans to X-ray all food and drink at the Super Bowl. Other preparations…

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