50 State Stereotypes (According to Google)

From HuffPo

Thanks to the Twitter account @Amazing_Maps, we now have an idea of how the Internet stereotypes all 50 U.S. states. When a search phrase like “Why is Illinois so…” is typed into Google, the search engine autocompletes the sentence with the word that people most commonly write in the search bar next. In this way, Google autocomplete may reveal the deeply held assumptions the public holds about a state.

Actually, if I’m not mistaken about Google’s algorithm, search results become increasingly tailored to the user over time, so this may say at least as much about the user as it does about the search engine.

For example, I got “Why is Wisconsin so cold” as my #1 result. “Liberal” was second.

Anyway, for the record, since I literally wrote the book on state stereotypes, I can state authoritatively that most of this map’s stereotypes are wrong, and most Google users ask stupid questions.

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  1. Why is Washington so…

    …screwed up?

    …run by unions?

    …known as the Soviet State of Washington?

    …attached to socialist, female Senators like Murray and Cantwell?


    But I don’t use Google. I just ask these questions to myself every day.


  2. I like this map…it has Alaska depicted correctly. Well almost…not only are we expansive but we are COLD!! Yes COLD!! So keep that in mind all you West coast liberals. No matter if you’re from Seattle or all the way down to San Diego…you don’t want to come here, it’s COLD!! COLD!!


  3. Cold is a good thing.
    In North Dakota they sell T shirts that read, “40 degrees below zero keeps the riff-raff out!”



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