At Least It Didn’t Happen During Halftime At the SuperBowl

(Submitted by DamnCat [High Praise!])

Per DamnCat:

Some background: Justin Kraemer was a local TV news anchor in Wichita, Kansas about to start a new job in Colorado. About 1 month ago he mistakenly dropped an f-bomb on a live mic.

So Justin got fired from the Wichita gig and the Colorado station, unsurprisingly, decided not to pick him up. Now he’s unemployed in Wichita – but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

Since I work in the broadcast entertainment industry myself and have, on more than one occasion, mistakenly engendered the wrath of the powers-that-be, I am not without sympathy. Plus, the video is entertaining, so I’m doing my part to spread the word:

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #13,426)

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  1. that’s funny, i hope he lands on his feet (no offense DamnCat). i’ve never been in the broadcasting business, but once i almost got fired in wichita.



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