Happy Birthday Lil Kim

So Dennis Rodman went to visit Kim Jong Un again, this time for his birthday.  Rodman just loves the little fella so much.  He really went overboard with the presents this year.  I think we are going to have to deal with one spoiled little dictator for a while.  Here is what Dennis was reported to have given Kim Jong Un for his birthday:

  • 500 lbs of Solyent Chow to keep his hounds primed for human flesh
  • A regulation child size basketball
  • Matching ‘I heart my BFF’ tramp stamps
  • A leading role in Dennis’ new youtube video, Two Boys One Cup (He gets to be the cup)
  • A handmade coupon book with ten coupons for “Dennis’ Special Sensual Bro-ssages.”
  • A five layer Happy Birthday yellowcake-238
  • A bedtime piggyback ride around the palace
  • A gift certificate to Great Clips
  • A Korean-Ebonics dictionary
  • Matching his-and-his Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh outfits for role-playing time
  • The collected works of Noam Chomski
  • A matching set of Code Pink ‘I heart Dictators’ footie pajamas
  • A Fisher Price “My First Torture” set
  • A lifetime supply of platform shoes
  • A triple dosing of birthday spankings

I think he made one happy Lil Kim.

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  1. . . . a trophy for winning the Slammed Un contest

    . . . a Mickey Mouse Human Rights Watch

    . . . one carnation (in honor of his one-car nation)

    . . . Dear Leaderhosen


  2. Marilyn Monroe did a much better job of singing Happy Birthday to JFK then Rodman could have ever thought of doing for Lil Kim. I guess that’s the down side of being the dictator of a third world crap hole…you get someone like Rodman while a guy like Kennedy got Monroe . No wonder Lil Kim is always pissed off.


  3. Rodman for Secretary of State! “Mr. Secretary, can you explain your actions while the consulate in Benghazi was attacked?” “Well, you know I really wanted to do something, man, but I was SO drunk that night…”


  4. @#4

    Could be worse, it could’ve been Roseanne Barr serenading him in a flailing attempt to regain notoriety.



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