Hey! My Watch Is Blinking Red!

Posted on January 14, 2014 4:00 pm

An entrepreneur is selling a watch that’s programmed to count down the seconds until the wearer’s death.

One to be included – pre-programmed – with every Obamacare enrollment. Lifeclock! Lastday! Carousel! Renew!

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7 Responses to “Hey! My Watch Is Blinking Red!”

  1. Fred Key says:

    That’s just like you wingnuts, saying Obama will set up Renew Panels!

  2. Burt says:

    Cool! What a great gift for that special someone in all our lives.

  3. jack says:

    Logan’s Run all day long.

  4. CCO says:

    Jack @3: Yeah, that’s where I went too.

  5. zzyzx says:

    Your watch is blinking red and my boomerang won’t come back! Do you suppose it’s a conspiracy? ~ Charlie Drake

  6. Iowa Jim says:

    If the watch predicted the actual dates of people’s deaths, the entrepreneur could make a killing selling it to life insurance companies. They could use to perform the mirror image of adverse selection by insuring only people who would outlive the expectancies on which the policies are based.

  7. c64wood says:

    There is no sanctuary

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