I *Love* Living in a Country That Has the Problem “Steaks Aren’t Being Eaten Fast Enough”

Posted on January 16, 2014 9:00 pm

Sure beats living in a country that has the problem “there is no steak… or any other food”

*shoots dirty look at North Korea*

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #537,877)

From the description:

5 foot 7 inch, Molly Schuyler, from Bellevue Nebraska. Is a world class competitive eater, who today had her sight set on breaking the world record for eating a 72 ounce steak, The 4.5 pounds.

The previous record was set by Peter “Furious Pete” Czerwinski, A Canadian body builder with a time 6 minutes and 48 seconds. Molly is the number 1 ranked eater for All Pro Eating, an organization for independent eaters who want freedom from contracts

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5 Responses to “I *Love* Living in a Country That Has the Problem “Steaks Aren’t Being Eaten Fast Enough””

  1. Doug says:

    That was impressive. Bare handed, without potato or bread. She could make a large dog step back.

  2. Fred Key says:

    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the…steak in the dog? Sorry, that fell apart.

  3. Writer says:

    …and since Obama, fewer can afford one.

  4. Harvey says:

    One commenter described it as “like she’s eating cotton candy”.

    Yeah, she doesn’t chew much.

    By the way, this 5’7″ woman only weighs 120 pounds.

    List of her other food-related accomplishments here:


  5. Marc says:

    Not so much eating as swallowing in smallish chunks. Yikes!

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