I’m Betting None of It Is Covered By Obamacare

A few censored swears and a couple comments with mature themes, but otherwise amazingly inoffensive for a video about a game where people frequently lose teeth and/or require stitches.

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #310,605)

Full Disclosure: Everything I know about hockey, I learned from watching “Miracle” (so, basically nothing), and yet I still found this video amusing.

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  1. Hockey is a pretty uncomplicated sport. I haven’t seen Miracle, but I’m guessing that if you’ve seen a movie about hockey, you know everything you need to know. That’s true for the Mighty Ducks, anyway.

    Despite it’s simplicity, hockey is the best sport. Baseball, football, and basketball, despite having bigger followings in the States, are pretty dull when you start to follow hockey.


  2. @Denise

    That’s a pretty common complaint, actually. Back in the 90s, when Fox had the NHL broadcast rights, they used a system that highlighted the puck in TV broadcasts. Purists didn’t care for it, and the players said that the pucks felt different, but most viewers really liked it. Maybe the NHL should consider bringing something like that back? Doesn’t have to be as neon flashy as the Fox system, but maybe something like the drop shadow around the puck in the NHL video games.



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