In China, Walmart Is Actually Spelled MSNBC

Wal-Mart has just recalled donkey meat products from some of its stores in China because tests have found them to be contaminated with fox meat.

Why does that remind me of liberals complaining about “right-wing media bias”?

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  1. That reminds me of an apparently true story about a Korean lady who had just moved to the U.S. and couldn’t yet read English.

    She went to the supermarket to pick up some food, found herself in the pet food aisle, and seeing a picture of a dog on a can, assumed that was what it contained.

    She later complained to a friend, “Dog? This stuff tastes like horse meat!”


  2. You know, I’ve actually been to a Walmart in China. Specifically, the one on Zhichun Road, in Beijing.

    I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It’s not like the sprawling complexes we have in the US. It was actually the basement and the first two floors of a building in busy part of a busy city. There are elements that you’d recognize as Walmart, but mashed with Chinese sensibilities, and the result was just… unappealing. Honestly, I preferred China’s homegrown version, Wumart (yes, seriously, Wumart, or wu mei in Chinese). Or, if you were in a spendier mood, there was a Japanese department store (Ito Yokado) that I liked.



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