It’s Like “Powers of Ten” With Time

It’s also a lot like the Total Perspective Vortex, so don’t watch it if you have a small ego.

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  1. This is a nihilist, hedonistic world view especially in regards to the future. It is really bad science that is unsubstantiated by current astronomical observation and understanding. The argument for a “cold” universe is an old idea that was discarded a while ago. However, it does fit into this idea that since everything will cease and there are no consequences, then there are no moral standards and you do whatever you want with no concern for the future. More and more evidence comes in at a cellular level every year that substantiates engineered life. Now quite frankly, I don’t know who or what the engineers or engineer were (I have my beliefs), but at some point we have to start taking a more responsible view that the facts better support, that maybe there is reason, design and order to the universe and we have an important role in it that we need to take seriously. Everything wrong in this world is predicated on the “me” attitude that has become so prevalent…freedom without duty, privilege without responsibility, blessings without charity. There is nothing wrong with having a small ego…our egotist in chief demonstrates what ego run amok looks like every day. However, a small ego should not be a result of a feeling of insignificance derived from no purpose, however a feeling of massive significance derived from our unique place in a very large universe with such a small fraction inhabited by intelligent species with the ability to contribute to the great experiment. It is propagandist clap trap like this that does incalculable damage to the unintelligent masses who rely on others to form a world view…we have GOT to quit allowing the super liberal elitist left to control the scientific and educational media.


  2. Yeah, I know his liberal proselytizing was WAY annoying. Sorry about that.

    I mostly enjoyed it for the visual representations. For me, they helped make the notion of “billions of years” a little more… well not “comprehensible”, so much as “relatable” I guess.

    Less abstract, anyway.



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