It’s the Obvious Solution, Right?

Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly plans to introduce a bill requiring the Transportation Security Administration to be more polite to airline passengers.

Yes, because a good “please & thank you” would make getting groped perfectly palatable.

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  1. Only a Democrat would imagine the solution to a problem of public courtesy would be to PASS ANOTHER USELESS F#CKING LAW. (Sorry, had a flash of libertarianism there.) Of course, these are government workers so it is not possible to simply FIRE agents with a history of customer complaints about their rude behavior. No, we need a LAW bolstered by REGULATIONS administered by BUREAUCRATS, with infractions resulting in re-education camps sensitivity training administered by still MORE government employees, so that for every rude TSA agent we end up with fifteen MORE government employees, instead of one less unproductive, obstructionist TSA agent sucking his salary, pension and benefits out of the taxpayers’ wallets. Seriously, do you see anyone proposing a law requiring Walmart greeters to be polite? NO, because outside of the government, rude employees are apt to discover that their services are no longer required. How did we allow this to happen? Why are government employees presumptively exempt from dismissal? And why did it take four comments on a conservative blog to note that the real issue here is not the inherent rudeness of intrusive behavior, but that someone is, unapologetically, proposing to regulate politeness with LAWS? Gah, I am in a bad mood. Please excuse my discourtesy.



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